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As we approach the summer months, many of our patients and their families are planning activities and/or are taking vacations. This summer we are having a photo contest in the office. Take a photo of you with ‘Flat Humphries’ on your vacation or summertime activity and post it to our Humphries Orthodontics Facebook page. The ‘Flat Humphries’ will be available in each orthodontic office for anyone who chooses to participate. The patient with the photo that has the most likes will win an iPad. So, don’t forget to take us with you!

Humphries Orthodontics Expands: We have a new office in Laguna Niguel

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I am very proud to announce that, as of February 1st, Humphries Orthodontics now has a third location in Laguna Niguel. I have mentioned the acquisition to several patients over the past several months and many have asked how I was going to find the time to work in a third location. The answer is very simple. I will not be working in the new location.


For those that do not know, my wife, Dr. Alene Humphries, is also an orthodontist. We met as residents at USC and we were married shortly after graduation. It is my wife who will be providing all of the patient care in the new office. I will be involved in the new office, but my contribution will be managerial in nature. I will be involved in implementing the systems that we have in Orange and Artesia in the new office. For example, I spent the good part of this weekend building out the network to make the office all digital (paperless charts, streaming patient entertainment, etc. – the computer backend of our practices is very complex). In addition, we will be installing an iPad bar in the reception area to emulate what we have in the other offices. Every operational aspect of the third office will be the same as our existing offices with the exception of my wife treating the patients rather than myself.

You may be wondering how this will impact the Orange and Artesia offices. The short answer is that it will not. Although Debbie will be helping with the financial  transition, and may be in Laguna Niguel from time to time, all of the staff in Orange and Artesia will be the same with one exception. On the days that Laguna Niguel is closed, we will have two additional employees in Orange and Artesia (one front and one back office). This will allow us to better serve our existing patient base. 

It has been a long standing dream of ours to acquire a third office to compliment Orange and Artesia. In addition, we always wanted to work together indirectly. The office in Laguna Niguel will allow us to fulfill both of those dreams. We are really excited about the new office and we are confident it will enable us to touch more lives in a positive manner.



Sage M. Humphries, D.D.S., M.S.

Humphries Orthodontics Wins the City of Artesia Beautification Award

City Award

Did you know that Humphries Orthodontics just recently won the City of Artesia beautification award for our office in Artesia. Above is a photo of Erica accepting our award at a recent city council meeting.

We are very proud to have won this award considering all the work that has been put into our office since remodeling in the Spring of 2012.  Please check out our beautiful plaque in the reception area of our office. Again, we would like to thank the City of Artesia for recognizing our office!

Did you see Dr. Humphries in the Angie’s List Article about Orthodontics?

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Recently Angie’s list, the fee based online review site, published an article in their nationwide print publication about orthodontics. The article quotes several highly rated orthodontists around the country. And guess what, Dr. Sage Humphries was one of the orthodontists interviewed by Angie’s list for the article. He is quoted in the article’s discussion about the various orthodontic treatment options. If you are an Angie’s list subscriber, be sure to check it out!!!

With FDA Approval and a Version 2.0, Humphries Orthodontics now offers AcceleDent


One of the biggest concerns about orthodontic treatment is the amount of time it takes to establish sensational esthetics with proper function. The saying often goes that patients would like to have their teeth straightened yesterday but they didn’t start treatment until today. In recent years, orthodontists, including Dr. Sage Humphries, have used a surgical technique in conjunction with their orthodontic treatment in order to dramatically increase the rate at which teeth move. This procedure is commonly referred to as accelerated osteogenic orthodontics or Wilckodontics. For many patients the cost and morbidity of the surgical procedure do not justify the surgery, despite their desire to reduce treatment time.

Humphries Orthodontics is now offering an orthodontic device called AcceleDent that reduces treatment time and in many instances reduces the discomfort typically associated with orthodontic tooth movement. Acceldent recently introduced their second generation device and also gained FDA approval. The device has been proven to be safe and effective in independently conducted clinical trials. AcceleDent has been shown to reduce treatment time by up to 50%.

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So what is AcceleDent? AcceleDent is a hands free device that delivers gentle micropulses to the jaws. This technology is actually not new. It has been used in orthopedics for years for the treatment of fractures. AcceleDent has introduced this technology to orthodontics with their revolutionary device. Part of the way that teeth move is by remodeling the bone that supports them. The micropulses help to recruit the cells necessary to accelerate the remodeling process. 

Using AcceleDent is simple. The patient just bites into the mouthpiece with enough force to hold the device in the mouth. The device is to be used for 20 minutes everyday for the duration of treatment. The device does not change the way that teeth move it just makes them move faster. For that reason, AcceleDent can be used with braces and Invisalign.

If you have always wanted that perfect smile, and have held back due to concerns about the time treatment will take, or the discomfort associated with treatment, you might be a great candidate for AcceleDent. Ultimately, AcceleDent is a great option for anybody that wants to reduce their orthodontic treatment time and make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Humphries Orthodontics Patient Appreciation Day – Thank You

HO PAD 2013 Truck

We would like to thank all of the patients, and their friends and families, that came out to the Humphries Orthodontics Patient Appreciation Day for making our event such a success. It was so wonderful to see everybody having fun in the sun! 

In addition to our patients, I would like to thank the following people and organizations for their efforts during our big event:

  • JoyfullYours – I am certain that everybody that entered their Photo Booth had a lot of fun. The props that they had were amazing and the printed photos were fantastic. They took so many wonderful photos. To see all of them, visit the Humphries Orthodontics Patient Appreciation Day gallery here. To find out more about JoyfullYours, please visit their Facebook page.
  • HO PAD 2013 4546Erica – She was the glue that held the entire event together. She put a lot of effort into making sure that everybody had a blast before during and after their burgers.
  • Allyson Ashford – Her live music was amazing. What a sensational young talent. Check out this performance (sans the sounds of the diesel In-N-Out truck) in our office after her braces were removed.
  • Laura and Debbie – They got everybody checked in and situated in light speed. 
  • Aileen, Claire, Dina, Dora, and Gaby – They kept the game center moving. Who knew Claire was a hoola hoop master.

We truly are grateful for all of our patients and for the opportunity to take part in their orthodontic care. And, for those that have asked, we are already planning for the second annual patient appreciation day next spring!

– Sage M. Humphries, D.D.S., M.S.

Humphries Orthodontics Orange – A New Look in the Back

HoOrange NewCarpet

We are very excited to have had the opportunity to have new carpet installed in the Orange office while we were out on vacation.  We used the same carpet that we used in the Artesia remodel so as to try to unify the decor of the offices.  The next thing on the to do list is to replace the existing artwork.  This will occur sometime in the coming months!

Humphries Orthodontics Hours of Operation

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We are happy to announce that we are publishing the Humphries Orthodontics hours of operation calendar so that our patients have yet another resource to find out where we will be and during which hours on any given day day of the week. The calendar is accurate up to four months in advance. You may view the calendar in a web browser by clicking here or you may subscribe to the calendar by clicking here. At this time the link has not been added directly to the main Web site although it is our goal to have the link there soon.

We hope that this is just another resource that patients and their families find helpful. It is always our goal to make every aspect of your orthodontic treatment as pleasant as possible. We understand that, now more than ever, our patients and their families have very busy schedules. We want to make every effort to make scheduling your orthodontic visits as simple as possible. We hope this helps!