Humphries Orthodontics Patient Appreciation Day – Thank You

HO PAD 2013 Truck

We would like to thank all of the patients, and their friends and families, that came out to the Humphries Orthodontics Patient Appreciation Day for making our event such a success. It was so wonderful to see everybody having fun in the sun! 

In addition to our patients, I would like to thank the following people and organizations for their efforts during our big event:

  • JoyfullYours – I am certain that everybody that entered their Photo Booth had a lot of fun. The props that they had were amazing and the printed photos were fantastic. They took so many wonderful photos. To see all of them, visit the Humphries Orthodontics Patient Appreciation Day gallery here. To find out more about JoyfullYours, please visit their Facebook page.
  • HO PAD 2013 4546Erica – She was the glue that held the entire event together. She put a lot of effort into making sure that everybody had a blast before during and after their burgers.
  • Allyson Ashford – Her live music was amazing. What a sensational young talent. Check out this performance (sans the sounds of the diesel In-N-Out truck) in our office after her braces were removed.
  • Laura and Debbie – They got everybody checked in and situated in light speed. 
  • Aileen, Claire, Dina, Dora, and Gaby – They kept the game center moving. Who knew Claire was a hoola hoop master.

We truly are grateful for all of our patients and for the opportunity to take part in their orthodontic care. And, for those that have asked, we are already planning for the second annual patient appreciation day next spring!

– Sage M. Humphries, D.D.S., M.S.

Humphries Orthodontics 2012 Staff Photos

Humphries Orthodontics Staff Photo 2012

We have a number of improvements we plan on making to the offices for our patients in 2012. One of those improvements is improved communication and a triennial email newsletter. The newsletter will cover office news and highlight patient achievements.

One of the topics for the first newsletter are the staffing changes that have occurred over the course of the past year. We have lost a familiar face and had another reduce to part time employment. In order to properly introduce the new staff, I took some photos before work two days ago. The photo above is our new staff photo!

As you can imagine, some of the girls (especially Dina, Erica, and Sara) got a little silly. We took the photos using a remote timer and the girls decided to make the best out of the takes in which everybody (mainly me since I was the photographer) was not properly situated in front of the lens. We had a great time and followed it with another awesome day of orthodontics.

Humphries Orthodontics Silly Staff

“The Front Row”

Humphries Orthodontics Dina, Sara, and Erica Silly

“The Originals”

Office Photos 2012 2

“The Silliest of Them All”