The Electric Toothbrush Demonstrates Greater Plaque Remove Over Manual Toothbrush


Optimal oral hygiene is always a struggle with orthodontic appliances or braces. They braces make it much more difficult to access the areas of the tooth adjacent to the gums. This can result in plaque accumulation which in turn can lead to gingival inflammation and even decalcification or white spots on the teeth.

A recent independent randomized controlled clinical trial has shown that the Braun Oral-B oscillating rotating toothbrush results in significantly greater plaque removal over a manual tooth brush. In the study, the authors compared the efficacy of the oscillating rotating brush versus a manual tooth brush. In addition they compared the efficacy of the electric brush with a conventional brush head and an orthodontic brush head. The results showed that the the oscillating brush results in greater plaque removal than the manual tooth brush and that the orthodontic brush head results in greater plaque removal than the regular head. 

I have long felt that brushing technique is more important than the actual toothbrush that a patient uses. That being said, the reality is that many patients are not able to manipulate a manual toothbrush well enough to remove all of the plaque. This is especially the case for young children or disinterested teens (and even the rare adult). Thus, after reviewing this study, I am advocating the use of an electric toothbrush with an oscillating orthodontic head for all patients. This particular brush also had the added benefit of a mechanical feedback mechanism for those that brush too hard. It is a win for any type of brusher!

Parenting OC Recognizes Dr. Sage Humphries as Orange County’s Best Orthodotist

Parenting OCs Best Orthodontist  Sage Humphries

I am so honored to have been selected by the readers of Parenting OC as Orange County’s best orthodontist. The most recent issue of Parenting OC is their readers’ choice edition, where they name the best of the best in many different categories. I am truly honored to have received this distinction as the best orthodontist.

At Humphries Orthodontics we all work very hard in order to deliver superlative orthodontic care in a warm environment where service is unsurpassed. It is my goal to ensure that each patient receives the best possible treatment outcome while also delivering the best possible experience throughout the course of treatment. This award is particularly meaningful because it comes directly from our patients. We obtain much joy in knowing that our efforts are appreciated. As you know, we never rest ,and we make every effort to make our offices better and better by the day. Thank you so much to all those that voted me as Orange County’s best orthodontist. I am truly honored.

The Tooth Fairy is Paying More for Teeth



According to Visa’s Tooth Fairy personal finance application, the Tooth Fairy is paying a over 40% more per tooth today than she was 2 years ago! Children are getting an average of $3.70 this year per lost tooth up from $3.00 just last year. To find out more about the economics of the Tooth Fairy take a look at this recent Associated Press article. To get an idea of parents in your age group, income bracket and education level are giving their kids, Visa offers a Tooth Fairy Calculator app.