• Incognito Lingual Braces
Harmony braces are the most cutting edge invisible or lingual braces. They are completely hidden allowing you to have all of the benefits of braces without any esthetic compromise.

Both Incognito and Harmony are 100% customized for your teeth. In addition they both offer intelligent wires and brackets engineered to deliver the smile you deserve. Regardless of where you begin, your teeth will end up beautifully straight.

Harmony Lingual Braces

Harmony is a lingual orthodontic appliance. Similar to the Incognito™ appliance, the arch wires responsible for applying force to the teeth are robotically bent using state of the art 3D CAD-CAM technology. In addition, the appliance is 100% customized.

The main difference between Harmony and Incognito™ is that the Harmony bracket is self-ligating. That means there is a clip within the brace itself that holds the wire into the bracket rather than using an elastic tie. This often reduces appointment length and in some instances treatment time.

The iTero Advantage

At Humphries Orthodontics, Harmony treatment begins with a 3D scan with the iTero 3D intraoral scanner. The scanning technology replaces impressions and the scan confers a considerable benefit in that it is a digitally perfect record of the teeth which ensures that you get the best possible customization of your lingual braces. This translates into more predictable and efficient tooth movement and better clinical results. Other advantages include:

  • The scanning process is more comfortable and is faster than impressions
  • The impression materials do not taste good and they often have to be taken multiple times in order to obtain an adequate record
  • There is no lost time from shipping so you get to straightening your teeth sooner

Regardless of the lingual appliances selected, from this point the technicians will begin to create your braces and wires according to Dr. Humphries’ prescription.

Once they have been fabricated the braces will be placed on your teeth with the provided splint. This enables quicker and more accurate placement of the braces. From there Dr. Humphries will see you every 6-8 weeks for adjustments until all of the desired movements have been obtained.

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