Humphries Orthodontics introduces the Itero 3D Scanner

Itero big

We are very excited to announce the addition of the iTero 3D intraoral scanner into our office. This amazing piece of technology allows us to take digital impressions and replaces the gooey alginate that has been historically used in dentistry.

There are many different applications of this technology and there will be many benefits to our patients. First, for Invisalign® patients, this will supplant the PVS impressions that were previously necessary. After the scan, one mouse click uploads the data to Align Technologies’ servers so that their technicians can begin to setup the case according to Dr. Humphries’ prescription.The scans provide increased accuracy, enhanced comfortability, and dramatically reduces the turn around time from impression to aligner delivery. This is great for those minor refinements that are sometimes needed at the end of treatment

We are also beginning to use the scanner to replace traditional plaster study models that are taken at the beginning and the end of treatment. The scanning process is very technique sensitive so we have not completely transitioned over but many of our patients starting and finishing treatment are being able to take advantage of this process today.

Another application of this technology is for orthodontic appliances. A 3D scan can be submitted to a laboratory and they can print a 3D model from which they can fabricate appliances. Examples of appliances that this technology can be used for are things like the MARA Class II corrector, the Herbst appliance, and many others. Unfortunately, this is really only an advantage for complex appliances where the case is sent out of state. The turn around time is much quicker (1 day) for simple appliances like retainers and as such we will still take impressions for retainers.

Finally, once the mouth is scanned, Dr. Humphries has instant access to 3D models that allows the teeth to be analyzed in ways that are not possible when looking in the mouth. This will compliment the diagnosis and treatment planning process and allow us to enhance the high quality care that we already offer. We are very excited that we are able to incorporate this technology in the office. We think that it will further improve the overall patient experience!

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