Impression free Orthodontics – 3D Printing in Orthodontics

3D Printing Trends

We are proud to announce that we are in the process of eliminating dental impressions (or dental molds) in our offices. Impressions are used to create plaster replicas of the teeth for retainers and orthodontic appliances. Currently, we have reduced the number of impressions that we take by 50% and intend on completely eliminating impressions by the end of the year (2016).


So how can we bypass these pesky impressions? By taking advantage of 3D scanning technology (which we have used for 4 years now), and stereolithography printing, we can scan the mouth and use a 3D printer to obtain a perfect duplicate of the teeth. All of this without sticky and gooey impressions and plaster models.

At Humphries Orthodontics it is our mission to utilize tried and true techniques in conjunction with the latest technology in order to confer the best possible care. We don’t use the newest thing just for the sake of newness. It is essential that the technology confer an advantage to our patients. In this instance, the retainers and appliances have a more precise fit. Of course, it also allows us to eliminate one of the most unpleasant parts of orthodontic treatment. There are so many benefits to this technology.

We are extremely excited to be offering this technology (3D scanning and now 3D printing) to our patients. We are one of the few offices nationwide utilizing this technology.

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