Officially Announcing the Humphries Orthodontics Artesia iPad Room

Artesia iPad Room - Humphries Orthodontics

We have something exciting to announce to our patients. Our Artesia iPad room has been completed! As the end of 2012 approached, we made a number of purchases to enhance our ability to offer top quality orthodontic care and improve the patient experience during each appointment. Some of the new equipment has not been delivered yet but we expect everything to be delivered and installed during the first quarter of 2013. We already have more new and exciting additions for each office planned for 2013 so stay tuned.

For those interested, all of the photos in the Artesia office were taken and printed by Dr. Sage Humphries. The fine art prints in the Artesia iPad room were taken at Dr. Humphries’ favorite golf course in Souther California. It is on the to do list to install similar photography in Orange sometime in 2013.

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