With FDA Approval and a Version 2.0, Humphries Orthodontics now offers AcceleDent


One of the biggest concerns about orthodontic treatment is the amount of time it takes to establish sensational esthetics with proper function. The saying often goes that patients would like to have their teeth straightened yesterday but they didn’t start treatment until today. In recent years, orthodontists, including Dr. Sage Humphries, have used a surgical technique in conjunction with their orthodontic treatment in order to dramatically increase the rate at which teeth move. This procedure is commonly referred to as accelerated accelerated osteogenic orthodontics or Wilckodontics. For many patients the cost and morbidity of the surgical procedure do not justify the surgery, despite their desire to reduce treatment time.

Humphries Orthodontics is now offering an orthodontic device called AcceleDent that reduces treatment time and in many instances reduces the discomfort typically associated with orthodontic tooth movement. Acceldent recently introduced their second generation device and also gained FDA approval. The device has been proven to be safe and effective in independently conducted clinical trials. AcceleDent has been shown to reduce treatment time by up to 50%.

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So what is AcceleDent? AcceleDent is a hands free device that delivers gentle micropulses to the jaws. This technology is actually not new. It has been used in orthopedics for years for the treatment of fractures. AcceleDent has introduced this technology to orthodontics with their revolutionary device. Part of the way that teeth move is by remodeling the bone that supports them. The micropulses help to recruit the cells necessary to accelerate the remodeling process.

Using AcceleDent is simple. The patient just bites into the mouthpiece with enough force to hold the device in the mouth. The device is to be used for 20 minutes everyday for the duration of treatment. The device does not change the way that teeth move it just makes them move faster. For that reason, AcceleDent can be used with braces and Invisalign.

If you have always wanted that perfect smile, and have held back due to concerns about the time treatment will take, or the discomfort associated with treatment, you might be a great candidate for AcceleDent. Ultimately, AcceleDent is a great option for anybody that wants to reduce their orthodontic treatment time and make the experience as comfortable as possible.