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Accelerated Treatment
One of the biggest concerns of all patients is the amount of time that it will take to complete orthodontic treatment.
Get to the finish line faster
Today, there are several modalities available to dramatically increase the rate at which teeth move so that you can obtain the smile you are looking for even faster.


Acceledent is a hands free, FDA approved, Class I medical appliance that is designed to work alongside orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners. The appliance is used daily for 2o minutes to deliver micropulses that increase the rate of bone metabolism. More specifically, the micropulses help to recruit the osteoblasts and osteoclasts (the cells that metabolize bone) to the alveolar bone surrounding the tooth.

Independent research has shown that teeth will move 35-50% faster than normal when Acceledent is used in conjunction with orthodontic treatment. Acceledent will effect all the teeth at once due to the design of the product. In addition to the increased rate of tooth movement, many patients Indicate that the soreness often associated with tooth movement is reduced or even completely alleviated when using Acceledent with their orthodontic treatment. Click on the photo on the right to see Acceledent in action.


Propel is a device which can be used in order to make micro-perforations in the bone around the teeth. The perforations are mild in nature and in many instances only require topical anesthetic. The micro-perforations induce a regional acceletory phenomenon that helps to recruit osteoclasts and osteoblasts. The effect is an increased rate of bone resorption and apposition which means faster tooth movement. The micro-perforations can be performed throughout the mouth or can be localized to specific areas as needed. The micro-perforations will result in up to 50% faster tooth movement and the effect of the micro-perforations lasts approximately three months.


Wilckodontics, also known as, accelerated osteogenic orthodontics, is a surgical procedure that increases the rate of tooth movement. It is an out patient procedure done by either a periodontist or oral surgeon. The procedure consists of perforations of the outer layer of bone, similar to the micro-perforations with Propel, in conjunction with bone grafting. The grafting acts as a scaffolding for the body to make additional bone in those areas. As such, not only does this procedure allow for more rapid tooth movement, but it also allows for more movement than what is typically possible with traditional orthodontics. This procedure can often act as a middle ground between orthognathic surgery (jaw surgery) and traditional treatment with braces or clear aligners. Here is an example of treatment utilizing this technique.

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