Humphries Orthodontics Expands: We have a new office in Laguna Niguel

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I am very proud to announce that, as of February 1st, Humphries Orthodontics now has a third location in Laguna Niguel. I have mentioned the acquisition to several patients over the past several months and many have asked how I was going to find the time to work in a third location. The answer is very simple. I will not be working in the new location.

For those that do not know, my wife, Dr. Alene Humphries, is also an orthodontist. We met as residents at USC and we were married shortly after graduation. It is my wife who will be providing all of the patient care in the new office. I will be involved in the new office, but my contribution will be managerial in nature. I will be involved in implementing the systems that we have in Orange and Artesia in the new office. For example, I spent the good part of this weekend building out the network to make the office all digital (paperless charts, streaming patient entertainment, etc. – the computer backend of our practices is very complex). In addition, we will be installing an iPad bar in the reception area to emulate what we have in the other offices. Every operational aspect of the third office will be the same as our existing offices with the exception of my wife treating the patients rather than myself.


You may be wondering how this will impact the Orange and Artesia offices. The short answer is that it will not. Although Debbie will be helping with the financial transition, and may be in Laguna Niguel from time to time, all of the staff in Orange and Artesia will be the same with one exception. On the days that Laguna Niguel is closed, we will have two additional employees in Orange and Artesia (one front and one back office). This will allow us to better serve our existing patient base.

It has been a long standing dream of ours to acquire a third office to compliment Orange and Artesia. In addition, we always wanted to work together indirectly. The office in Laguna Niguel will allow us to fulfill both of those dreams. We are really excited about the new office and we are confident it will enable us to touch more lives in a positive manner.


Sage M. Humphries, D.D.S., M.S.

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