Humphries Orthodontics has a New Logo

Humphries Orthodontics Logo

With the beginning of the new year I am very excited to formally announce our new logo. We began to implement this logo on our stationary and web site this past fall but will be transitioning completely to this logo by the spring of 2014.

As many of our patients and their families know, I am intimately involved in every aspect of Humphries Orthodontics. My involvement goes far beyond that of the typical orthodontist. I essentially do everything myself. This ensures that we are able to properly implement my vision. This begins with all of the patient facing elements and extends to everything else including our graphic design and every line of code written for our web site.

When I purchased my first practice (the Orange office) I needed to develop a logo for stationary, letterhead, and everything else. The original “H” logo was designed for our business cards with a specific print process in mind. The silver shading was created to simulate an embossed silver foil. In my opinion the logo looked good on a back lit computer display and in its intended silver foil. Unfortunately the logo fell short of my desires when printed on paper (which is where it is used most commonly). During the course of treatment there are a number of letters that I write to patients, their dentists, etc. Each time I sign a letter, I look at the stationary header and feel as though our logo fails to properly represent what Humphries Orthodontics embodies.

In January of 2013 I set out to create a logo to properly represent Humphries Orthodontics. Over the course of approximately nine months I continued to iterate, and iterate until I felt as though I had something that properly represented our office. This logo, in one of its forms, is what you see above (I have versions for paper, computer, etc but all within the same vein). I believe it accurately portrays the cutting edge nature of Humphries Orthodontics. It is more modern, and more streamlined. This is exactly what I strive to instill within each office. I work tirelessly to keep up with everything that can help me deliver better orthodontic care and a better overall patient experience. Each year I introduce the newest research proven orthodontic techniques and improve each office (e.g. in office entertainment) in order to make each visit as enjoyable as possible. In addition, we internally aim to be environmentally conscientious. This is one of the reasons that I transitioned to a purely paperless system from the beginning. Not only do our systems limit paper waste but our digital radiography reduces radiation and the consumption of environmentally hazardous developing chemicals.

Ultimately, I am very excited about 2014. I have some exciting things planned to better serve our patients and their families. The logo change is symbolic of this effort to never rest and work tirelessly to reach our goal of delivering the highest quality orthodontic care in a warm and friendly environment where the patient experience is unsurpassed.

Happy New Year!

Sage M. Humphries, D.D.S., M.S.

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