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  • Interproximal Reduction Video – What is Interproximal Reduction (IPR)

    There are many uses of interproximal reduction in orthodontics. There are also many different names. Some of the names include:

    • Interproximal Reduction (IPR)
    • Stripping
    • Polishing or Interproximal Polishing
    • Filing

    IPR can be used to assist with the resolution of crowding or to assist with balancing a tooth mass discrepancy. IPR can also be used to reduce dark triangles (exposed gingival embrasures) that occur when previously overlapped teeth are aligned and there is bone loss between the teeth. By creating the space the teeth can be moved closer together so as to reduce the width of the dark triangle.

    Patients can become fearful when they hear, “polishing between the teeth.” This short film highlighting IPR illustrates just how easy it is. In many instances it takes just a few seconds in order to complete the IPR between two teeth.

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  • NBA Star Kenneth Faried Wears Invisalign – Even During Interviews!

    Kenneth Faried Invisalign3

    Two weekends ago the NBA ran a spot on Kenneth Faried during a basketball game. I immediately noticed something that very few probably noticed. During the interview the “Manimal” was wearing clear aligner orthodontic appliances. Two things tipped me off. The first is that the maxillary left central incisor is not tracking ideally as you can see a faint gap between the edge of the tooth and the aligner (it is barely off and it may be that he just changed to a new aligner). The second, although barely noticeable, are the attachments on all of his maxillary anterior teeth.

    I know that many patients are conscious of attachments on the front teeth. But, watching this spot of the Manimal, with his attachments on, and his aligners in, really shows how conspicuous clear aligner therapy can be. Even with attachments on the from teeth!

    Way to go Manimal your teeth are looking great!

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